In the last ten years, Composite Dental Fillings have become the preferred restoration of choice over Amalgam (Silver) Fillings, due to their natural, tooth colored appearance. These white, tooth colored dental fillings are very strong, durable and flexible and can withstand great chewing forces.

In certain situations, a dentist may recommend a silver filling over a tooth colored filling and this will be discussed at your appointment. Here are some of the reasons why a Composite Dental Filling might be used:

  • A chipped tooth can be fixed with composite filling material
  • Gaps in teeth can be improved
  • Occasionally, cracks in teeth can be repaired with composite filling material
  • Teeth that have been broken in smaller areas - larger breaks or cracks may need an inlay, onlay or crown
  • Decay can be removed and structure restored with composite fillings
  • Teeth worn down by grinding or other use

If you feel sensitivity in a tooth, or any pain, be sure to visit the dentist right away. Any kind of sensation that isn't normal needs to be checked and taken care of so other problems don't occur as a result. A simple composite dental filling is much better for your tooth and your wallet than a crown or root canal, or worse. Here are the steps we take to perform a composite filling:

  • Tooth is numbed
  • Decay is removed, too the is cleaned and prepped for the restoration
  • The composite filling material is then added to the area and hardened with a curing lamp to ensure a solid hold
  • The tooth and restoration are then polished and the procedure complete
  • This procedure is started and completed in the same appointment

If you are hesitant to come to the dentist, please let us help you. We are committed to providing a comfortable, enjoyable dental experience for our patients. We are regularly greeted by patients who were previously nervous to visit the dentist and now they enjoy coming. With our team, you are with a great family who can't wait to meet you.

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