The stage of Periodontal Disease the patient is in, along with other health considerations, will help a dentist decide upon the treatment option that is necessary for the patient. Treating the initial stage of Periodontal Disease, Gingivitis, is usually something that can be cleared up in one or two visits with the hygienist. It is important to catch Periodontal Disease in this stage to prevent further growth of the problem.

In later stages of Periodontal Disease, the Dentist or Hygienist will provide a deep cleaning procedure called, Scaling and Root Planing. This deep cleaning requires that a patient's mouth is numb before proceeding because the cleaning is performed on much of the root below the gum line. Tartar, plaque and toxins will build up above, at, and below the gumline and make it difficult to remove, but it all needs to be removed in order for the pockets of infection to go away.

Medications might be prescribed depending on your situation and the severity. When this kind of treatment is performed a checkup will be scheduled and if the infection persists, a periodontal (gum) specialist called a Periodontist may need to perform surgery.

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