Root Canal Therapy, also known as Endodontic Therapy, is a procedure performed by Endodontists or Dentists when the pulp of a patient's tooth has become diseased or injured and the tooth is at risk of falling out. Because we want to preserve as much of a patient's natural dentition as possible, we attempt to save the tooth, rather than just extract it. Occasionally, we opt to do the extraction if we feel the "Root Canal is too infected and the procedure will not be successful.

When Root Canal Therapy is performed, the crown of the tooth is taken off and the nerve is exposed, making it possible to remove the infection and sterilize the area. We then fill in the remaining, empty canal with gutta percha, which is a safe material that fills and seals the canal to protect it from further damage from bacteria or infection. Then, the top of the tooth is capped with the appropriate crown restoration material that will protect the tooth and restore its function.

With the addition of new dental technology, when we are ready to crown the tooth, we can take a digital impression, design the new crown and place it in the same appointment in most cases. The crowns are made of porcelain and look natural and match the color of the existing teeth of the patient. The end result is beautiful.

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