In 1928, the first dental veneers were used in film as a temporary solution to improve the smile of actors and actresses. Today, dental veneers are used to help improve the smiles of everyone as a permanent solution.

Dental Veneers are extremely thin, durable porcelain or resin-based dental restorations that are made to cover imperfections in teeth and improve the smile cosmetically. Veneers are normally used in the following situations:

  • Fix Chipped Tooth or Multiple Teeth - Whether you are in a dental emergency, or you chipped the enamel on your tooth years ago; we can use dental veneers, in certain situations to cover a tooth that has been chipped or worn down, to make it look like new. In many cases, it looks better than before.
  • Discoloration or Stains - You may have discolored teeth due to genetic factors, or you may have stains due to medication, such as Tetracycline. Whatever the reason for the stains on your teeth, you don't like them and they might make you feel self conscious. If so, Dental Veneers may be the best thing for you. We can cover the imperfections and make your smile look amazing with Dental Veneers.
  • A Tooth, or Teeth are Shaped Oddly - Sometimes, a misfit tooth, or teeth, like to grow in at an odd shape. These teeth can be reshaped and look better than new with Veneers.
  • Fix Gaps & Poor Spacing - In the event that your teeth are spaced unevenly, or maybe you just have a gap between your two front teeth; Veneers have the ability to close in the gap and look amazing.
  • Teeth Growing at Odd Angles - If your teeth are growing in at random, odd angles, we can fix those crooked teeth with Veneers.
  • Teeth are Tiny or Huge - Normally, teeth aren't really tiny or huge compared to the teeth of other people, but when people tell us about their teeth-occasionally, they tell us their teeth are tiny, little, too small, or huge, large, and too big. These issues can be fixed as well.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry - Of course, if someone has decent teeth but would like to step up their smile a bit, they will sometimes request dental veneers. Often times, people who want their teeth to look the best are those who are getting prepared for their dream career, beauty pageants, weddings, and other 'big day' type of situations or celebrations. Some just want a beautiful smile so they feel like they can smile more, and that's a worthy endeavor.

In our office, we have the ability to create veneers and have them seated, normally in one appointment. The process is relatively straight forward and patients love how they feel immediately after seeing their new smile. Anesthesia may or may not be used and the teeth are lightly reshaped to allow space for the Veneer.

You may contact us with any questions, or to schedule an appointment, at 281-492-6064.