Advances in dentistry have allowed dentists to provide more cosmetic dentistry in their list of general dental procedures. White, tooth colored, composite dental fillings are now the most popular dental filling material used by dentists. Amalgam (silver) dental fillings are still widely used and accepted as a great treatment option; however, due to the cosmetic appearance of white fillings, many patients opt for those.

Having chipped teeth, closing gaps, cracked and broken teeth, teeth that are worn down, and decayed teeth can all be fixed and look good as new with composite fillings. The composite material can come in many different shades and can be matched to the color of your existing teeth, so when a filling is on a tooth it is virtually undetectable. Now, you can laugh out loud and not be conscious of the fillings in the back or front of your mouth.

The procedure for getting composite dental fillings is fairly quick and can be performed in one appointment. If you have any questions about composite dental fillings, or any of our procedures, be sure to contact us at 281-492-6064.