Science is beginning to link Periodontal Disease with more and more health issues, including Respiratory Disease. Studies show that patients with Periodontal Disease are more prone to respiratory issues, such as; Emphysema, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). In fact, Periodontal Disease will worsen the effects of these infections, if present.

Periodontal Disease normally starts to affect someone when a consistent hygiene schedule has not been followed. When teeth are not brushed and flossed daily, plaque builds up on and between the teeth. Plaque is a mixture of food particles, saliva and bacteria. The bacteria can get between the teeth and gums and form pockets, colonizing in the gum tissue. In response your body's immune system kicks in and an inflammatory response starts to try to kill the germs. The inflammation causes the gums to recede and bone loss starts to occur in the process.

While this is happening you are continuing to function as normal, but your body is not only being introduced to toxic bacteria in your mouth, but you are ingesting the infection and even inhaling some of it as well. When you inhale the bacteria, it eventually spreads the infection into your lungs and can cause or worsen the effects of Respiratory Diseases.

The spread of bacteria, the impact this has on your immune system over time, and the inflammation all contribute to how Periodontal Disease affects these illnesses. Conversely, some of the symptoms and issues with other illnesses can impact your body's response to Periodontal Disease. Also, the health of your body overall will impact your body's ability to fight the spread of disease.

Smoking is proven to increase your chances of Periodontal Disease and Respiratory Diseases. Tobacco slows the healing processes of the body, which is a major concern when dealing with serious illnesses.

If you have any issues with Periodontitis or recurring Respiratory Infections, be sure to get checked by a dentist. It's important to remove all possibilities so your health can be restored, so it won't get worse. Also, if you haven't visited the dentist in over six months, be sure to call us at 281-492-6064. We look forward to serving your dental needs.