Periodontics is a study in dentistry that focuses on maintaining and restoring the health of the gums and other supporting structures of the teeth. Any time a person experiences bone loss, bleeding, swollen or red gums, Periodontal treatment is necessary to ensure the tooth, or teeth, stays in place. Teeth can fall out if Periodontal Disease takes over and destroys the tissues in the mouth that hold the teeth in place.

When teeth have high concentrations of plaque and tartar (calculus) build up at the gum-line, and there are noticeable pockets of infection, patients need periodontal treatments of Scaling and Root Planing. Scaling and Root Planing are performed to remove the bacteria and infection that accumulates below the gum line, as well as remove the plaque and tartar surrounding the tooth. These procedures are carried out by either a Dental Hygienist or the Dentist.

Proper, consistent dental hygiene is extremely important for the health of your mouth and your body. Periodontal Disease affects millions of people who don't even know they have it and can be devastating to the health of your mouth and your body. Periodontal treatment is something that can only adequately be administered by a licensed dental professional. Regular appointments to the dentist will help you avoid Periodontal Disease and serious health complications because of the disease.

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