Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure where excess gum tissue that surrounds the crown of a tooth is removed for restorative or cosmetic purposes. This is a common procedure that is used to create room for dental restorations, as well as remove excess tissue in the event that the gums cover up too much of the tooth.

Occasionally a tooth can break below the gum line, which can present a challenge to a dentist. In some cases, the remaining portion of the tooth will be extracted and the dentist may suggest a dental implant. In other cases, a dentist may suggest a crown, which will need a little more of the tooth to be exposed. In this case, crown lengthening is performed to remove the excess gum tissue to prevent the crown from damaging tissue and underlying bone when in place.

When appropriate, to enhance a smile cosmetically, a dentist will remove some of the excess gum tissue. Sometimes, all a smile needs is a little more tooth exposed to make a big difference in appearance.

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