Often times, Periodontal Disease goes unnoticed until it reaches critical stages that are difficult to treat. That's why 4 out of five people have the disease and don't know they have it, and why it is important to come to your regularly scheduled dental appointments. Only dental professionals with proper training will be able to see the warning signs of Gum Disease before the symptoms are apparent to the patient.

Here are some of the common signs & symptoms of Periodontal Disease:

  • Bleeding Gums - You might notice that your gums bleed occasionally when doing everyday things like eating, brushing, or flossing. When gum tissues are infected, they easily bleed.
  • Swollen, Red, and/or Painful Gums - Your gums might appear inflamed; meaning, the gums are swollen, red and they might be sensitive and/or painful. This is a sign of an infection that your body is trying to fight off.
  • Roots Exposed, or Teeth Look Longer - When you can see the roots of your teeth, or it appears that your teeth are getting longer, this is a sign that an infection is eating the gum tissue surrounding your teeth. It might also indicate that you are experiencing bone loss.
  • Persistent Stale, or Bad Breath (Halitosis) - Halitosis is not fun to have and it's not fun to be around. If you notice that you have bad breath, or someone else notices, you should get it checked. Often times, that means you have an infection in your mouth and people can smell it. If heartburn accompanies your bad breath, although it hasn't been proven, some professionals believe that Periodontal Disease may be causing some of the discomfort of heartburn.
  • Teeth Seem Loose and/or Unnatural Feeling When Biting Down - If your teeth seem to wiggle too much or they are starting to feel unnatural and don't fit together the same way they use to when biting down, this is a sign of Periodontal Disease. It means that you are experiencing bone loss and your gums are being weakened and eaten by the bacteria.
  • White or Yellow Gel-Like Substance Between Teeth and Gums (Pus) - If you see pus coming from between your teeth or in your gums, this is a serious indication that an infection is at work in your mouth. This needs to be taken care of immediately to ensure this problem is stopped and no further harm is done to your mouth and body.

Thank you for visiting us to learn more about Periodontal Disease. If you have any of the symptoms above, or if it has been more than six months since your last dental cleaning and exam, please be sure to contact us right away at 281-492-6064 to schedule your next appointment. Regular Dental Hygiene Maintenance is imperative to having a healthy smile.