The addition of Digital Radiography (Digital X-Rays) to our dental practice has helped us improve the level of care we provide. Digital Radiography offers many benefits to our patients, and our staff, including:

  • Lower Radiation Exposure - Digital X-rays are captured to an electronic sensor that captures the information and sends it to our computer. Because the sensor is so sensitive, we are able to turn down the radiation, which is much healthier for our patients and staff.
  • Faster X-Rays - With digital x-rays, everything is instant. There's no need to wait for the processor to process the film, it's already waiting the second we expose the sensor to radiation. This feature is extremely helpful during root canals and other procedures where speed is important.
  • Better Diagnostics - The software we use to capture the x-rays has some excellent diagnostic tools that help us look at x-rays at a higher quality and with filters that allow us to see more than standard film x-rays.
  • More Comfortable - The edges of sensors are rounded and not sharp like film. Most patients tell us that the sensors are much more comfortable than film was and they appreciate that.
  • Improved Educational Experience - It was difficult to show patients the things we were seeing when looking at the small x-ray films. Now, it's easy to show the patient what we are seeing because we can display a larger image of the x-ray on our computer monitor. Now patients are seeing things before we even mention it.

As you can see, digital x-rays are an important part of our dental office. If you would like to learn about what we look for in a dental x-ray, click the following link:

Digital X-Rays