Advances in technology and knowledge in the dental industry have allowed us to craft beautiful smiles, more comfortably and affordable than ever. Materials are now stronger and more lifelike than ever before, and better tools allow us to provide treatment more quickly.

For many years, dentists relied solely on a dental lab to fabricate all of our restorations, like crowns and veneers. These restorations took around two weeks to complete and we had to rely on temporaries until the final restoration was delivered. Now, we have a dental restoration milling unit in-house and many of the final restorations can be completed at the same appointment, rather than in multiple appointments. Also, amalgam fillings have been replaced by tooth colored, composite fillings. This is a huge improvement that patients are also grateful for.

If you have teeth that are misshapen, misaligned, have large gaps between them, are too yellow or stained, chipped, cracked, decayed, missing, or contain old and unattractive dental treatment, we can are here to help. If you are wondering if we can help you and want to learn more, please call our office at 281-492-6064 to schedule a consultation. You may also read more about the dental treatment you are interested in by clicking the corresponding link below.

Cosmetic Dentistry