An Inlay is a dental restoration that is utilized when the structure of a tooth has been compromised beyond what a standard dental filling can adequately protect, but is more conservative than a crown.

Teeth that have been damaged will be prepared to receive the restoration. In the past, inlays were created in a dental lab and took anywhere from a week to a couple weeks to receive the restoration for final placement. Today, we have technology in our office that can mill the inlay so, in most cases, we can place it in the same appointment. Here are the steps to produce an inlay:

  • Inlay is treatment planned
  • Tooth is numbed and prepped to receive the inlay
  • Mouth is scanned so that the inlay can be designed
  • Inlay is designed in our dental restoration software
  • The Inlay is milled in our dental restoration milling unit
  • Final Inlay restoration is permanently cemented to the tooth

Inlay restorations may be used in the event that a tooth has been fractured, chipped or broken, as a cosmetic enhancement, due to decayed or stained teeth, when fillings have failed or are too large for the tooth. You will receive instructions on how to care for your dental Inlay at the end of your appointment. We always recommend coming to your regularly scheduled appointments, as well as maintaining a healthy dental hygiene program, eating healthy, and exercising. As always, please consult with your family doctor regarding the best health plan for your family.

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