A Dental Crown Restoration is a "Cap" that completely covers the top area of a tooth that was damaged by decay, normal wear, removal of old restorations, following root canal treatment, or an accident. Porcelain Dental Crown Restorations are also used when patients are looking to make cosmetic improvements to their smile.

There are mainly three types of crowns, namely:

  1. All Porcelain Crown - In most cases, we can do these in one appointment!
  2. Porcelain Fused to Metal - A porcelain shell is reinforced with a metal core
  3. Full Metal Crown - Gold or Silver Crowns - used mostly on the molars to provide strength for chewing

When getting a new crown, the area is first numbed, then the dentist removes the affected area, prepares it, and seats the crown restoration. The new crown will serve to strengthen, protect and restore function to the affected tooth. Depending on your particular situation, we will make our recommendations about which Dental Crown Restoration will be the most appropriate choice.

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