Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by excessive loss of the bones mass in different parts of the body. It weakens the bone, exposing it to fracture. Research has established close links between osteoporosis, tooth loss and tooth ailments. It destroys the soft tissues attached to the tooth and the alveolar bone. This reduces the bone mass making the tooth weaker. The condition is common among the adults who experience tooth loss. Research has established that most of the people affected by periodontitis are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis.

The research is however not consistent and sufficient to draw a valid conclusion as to what exactly the correlation is. The researchers have been unable to curb other potential causes of tooth loss during the study. Inborn Low bone density, inflammatory response to certain infections, the genetic susceptibility among many other factors can cause periodontal diseases in individuals. Establishing if the disease was caused by osteoporosis is therefore hard to conclude. This does not however rule out the relationship between Periodontal disease & Osteoporosis.

The occurrence of osteoporosis and periodontal disease is common with the aging population in the US, especially among women. There is increased concern by specialists to establish the relationship. This will be vital in controlling and treating the conditions. If treated in the early stages, Periodontal Disease and Osteoporosis can be controlled and cause much less damage. Routine visits to the dentist, a healthy diet and dental hygiene routine, and supplements will be discussed upon finding that this is the problem.

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