Oral Hygiene Aids are the items you use at home to help with your oral hygiene maintenance procedures, like brushing teeth, flossing, mouth wash, tongue cleaners, etc... Here is a list of health aids that are available and what they are used for in connection with oral hygiene. Please Note: We recommend ADA approved items. If there is anything specific you want to know about any of these items, please contact us at 281-492-6064.


Toothbrushes that contain the ADA Seal of Approval are the only toothbrushes we recommend. Ultrasonic, electric toothbrushes are highly recommended because of their ability to break down plaque and bacteria so well. They are proven to be more effective at removing plaque than regular brushing. Toothbrushes with soft bristles are also recommended. They are still effective at removing plaque and buildup, but are gentle on the gums.

Whatever ADA recommended brush you choose, using proper tooth brushing technique is the most effective way to effectively remove plaque and bacteria, so you can help prevent oral diseases and tooth decay.

Dental Floss

Dental floss is a great way for people to clean food debris and plaque from between the teeth and gums. It is recommended that people floss at least once per day, but twice is optimal to ensuring that plaque doesn't harden on teeth. Twenty-four hours is sufficient time for plaque to harden into calculus (tartar), so it's important to follow a daily routine of brushing at lease twice per day and flossing at least once.

Floss is made out of varying materials and comes in many different flavors. Be sure the ADA seal is on the floss you use. After trying a few different kinds of floss, you'll most likely find your favorite. If you want to know what floss we use personally, we'll be happy to tell you, so feel free to ask. Happy flossing!

Tongue Cleaners

Tongue cleaners remove yucky bacteria that is difficult to remove, even with a toothbrush. The bacteria that sits on the tongue is smelly and bad for your body, so it is important to remove it. You may have seen some of the commercials that are out there about tongue cleaners. One company has done a great job of demonstrating how tongue cleaners can effectively remove bacteria and help with bad breath and if you search for tongue cleaners on Google, you will most likely find them.

Interdental Cleaners

Interdental cleaners are tiny in-between-your-teeth brushes that do a great job of cleaning between all the various angles of your teeth and gums. These are recommended as a supplement to your schedule of brushing and flossing.

Mouth Rinses

Cosmetic Mouth Rinses and Therapeutic Mouth Rinses are the two most widely swished mouth rinses that are available. Cosmetic Mouth Rinses are sold over the counter and generally don't do much for a person in terms of fighting plaque, although some kill germs.

Therapeutic Mouth Rinses are mostly sold with a prescription and use of these mouth washes are monitored by a dentist. This is due to the fact that these rinses contain FDA approved, active ingredients that are made to fight plaque, kill germs, and reduce the occurrence of bad breath and cavities.

Rubber Tip Stimulators

A Rubber Tip Stimulator is an efficient tool for removing plaque that can collect near the gum line. This tool is gentle and comfortable and actually stimulates blood flow in the gums, which is good for your gums and teeth. We recommend using the Rubber Tip Stimulator once per day.

Oral Irrigators

Oral Irrigators makes great use of water to clean around the teeth and gums. Water sprays in a jet stream that is soothing to the gums and can actually remove bacteria from pockets between the gums and teeth. Oral Irrigators should be used as a supplement to normal brushing and flossing and not be used instead.

Although Oral Irrigators are proven to help reduce the risk of periodontal disease, it is much more effective to brush and floss your teeth because more plaque is removed during brushing and flossing.

Thank you for visiting us to learn more about Oral Hygiene Aids. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 281-492-6064.