Dental Inlays are a stronger, more customized version of the standard dental filling. Today, in most cases, we can prepare your tooth, create your custom dental inlay and have it seated in the same appointment.

In the past, porcelain inlays were treatment planned by the dentist, created by a dental lab and shipped back to the office. The process took two or more appointments, but now we don't need to wait due to the introduction of a dental restoration milling station to our practice.

Dental Inlays are used in the event of broken or fractured teeth, to replace old silver fillings, broken fillings, or to replace tooth decay and protect the area with a strong restorative piece.

Dental Inlays can be made of composite material, porcelain, or gold. The material to be used will be recommended by the dentist at the appointment. In the event of using a Gold Inlay, the restoration will be created by the dental lab and shipped back. We will discuss all options and treatment times with you at your appointment.

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