When someone has one or more missing teeth, a porcelain dental bridge is a solution that may be considered. A dental bridge allows a dentist to bridge a gap that has been left by tooth loss. If healthy, surrounding teeth are present, a beautiful, porcelain dental bridge can be anchored to the teeth to restore function to that area. A porcelain bridge looks life-like and in some cases can enhance a person's smile.

A porcelain bridge is reinforced with a metal core so the bridge is strong and chewing feels comfortable. A bridge also keeps teeth from drifting into the gap that was left by the missing tooth. This will protect your other teeth, help you maintain your facial shape, help you continue to eat the foods you enjoy and can even serve as a replacement to a removable denture if the circumstance allows for it.

A dental bridge is fabricated at a dental lab and generally takes two or more visits to place the final restoration. Two surrounding teeth will be prepared to provide the support, and serve as anchors, for the bridge.

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