Research indicates that inflammation in the body is associated with many chronic health issues, including Periodontal Disease. Because of it's inflammatory characteristics and the ingestion of disease-causing bacteria, Periodontal Disease has been proven to exacerbate the severity of Heart Disease, Pregnancy Complications, Diabetes, Respiratory Disease, and other conditions.

Below are some of the common health disorders that have been linked to Periodontal Disease:


Periodontal Disease and Diabetes are a terrible combination of health conditions to have, due to the way they impact each other. Diabetes has been characterized by the thickening of the blood vessels which constricts blood flow to vital areas of the body, including the teeth and gums. This reduces the body's ability to remove excess sugars from the gums and teeth and creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Periodontal Disease has been shown to increase blood-sugar levels in the body. This makes it difficult for the body to regulate the body's glucose levels; which can create complications for diabetics. As you can see, both of these health issues together are a bad pair.

Heart Disease

Various theories exist about how Periodontal Disease affects Heart Disease and vice versa. But, the fact remains that it has been proven that when Periodontal Disease is present, it increases the chances of Heart Disease, and even Heart Attack. The presence of plaque in the bloodstream and the inflammation from Periodontal Disease have been found in studies about these particular issues.

Pregnancy Complications

Preeclampsia and delivering underweight, premature babies are not something that a pregnant woman wants to go through, or her baby for that matter; however, the presence of gum disease in a mother who is pregnant has been proven to increase the risk of these pregnancy complications.

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Respiratory Disease

Research indicates that people who suffer from Gum Disease are more likely to suffer from Respiratory Diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Pneumonia, and Emphysema. In fact, the presence of Gum Disease can worsen the effects of those diseases, due to inflammation spreading and bacteria getting inhaled into the lungs from the mouth.

As you can see, Periodontal Disease is something that should be avoided at all costs because of the many issues it can cause or contribute to in your body. If you have any questions about Periodontal Disease, please contact us at 281-492-6064.