Dental Amalgams, often referred to as silver fillings, are used to protect a tooth when the protective structure has been compromised and needs to be reinforced. Depending on the situation, a silver or composite dental filling will be used to seal the affected area.

If you are experiencing pain from a cracked or broken tooth, your tooth enamel has been worn away on one or multiple teeth, or your tooth is decayed in certain areas, you may need a dental filling to protect your tooth from further damage.

The Amalgam Dental Filling procedure is usually performed when a patient's tooth is numb. First, the dentist will prepare the tooth by removing any existing decay and creating room for the amalgam material to be applied. Then, the amalgam is placed and shaped properly so it has a solid hold to your tooth, and so the natural function of your tooth is restored.

Occasionally, after receiving a dental filling, a patient will experience sensitivity in their tooth, especially to hot and cold substances. This is normal and is expected to go away after a few days. Once the procedure is complete, we will give you instructions on how to care for the new restoration to ensure you are comfortable and the filling lasts as long as possible.

As always, we recommend visiting the dentist for your routine dental appointment and maintaining a solid routine of good dental hygiene, eating healthy foods, and exercise. This is the best way to maintain good dental and physical health throughout your life. Always consult with your family physician to ensure you follow the best program for your particular situation.

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