Periodontal Disease carries some hefty consequences with it, including greater chances for Heart Disease and Stroke. In fact, people who have Periodontal Disease increase their chances of getting Heart Disease by almost 50%.

Having a healthy, consistent dental hygiene routine, as well as a well balanced diet, can dramatically reduce your likelihood for Periodontal Disease, Heart Disease and Stroke. This is due to the amount of bacteria that can be introduced to your body if you do not follow this routine.

Toxic Bacteria can be found in plaque, which is a mix of food, bacteria and saliva that remains on the teeth when not properly taken care of. As food follows the natural process of breaking down in your mouth, it releases bacteria that is harmful to your body. When this process happens slowly over time, your body's immune system is working overtime and will eventually not be able to keep up with the amount of ingested toxins that are being introduced into your body. When the immune system is low, so is your body's defense of, not only Periodontal Disease but, other diseases.

It only makes sense that the place where disease would start is the place that your body takes in its nourishment. That is why it's imperative to follow a consistent oral hygiene schedule so you can prevent the bacteria from entering your body. Please be sure to visit a dentist soon if you haven't within the last six months, so you can prevent health issues related to Periodontal Disease.

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