Dental Onlays are similar to Inlays because they are both custom dental fillings. The difference between an Onlay and an Inlay is that the Onlay covers more area than an Inlay and is considered a Partial Crown. When one or more of the chewing cusps on a tooth have been affected, an Onlay is considered. Onlays are more conservative than dental crowns because not as much of the tooth structure is removed when preparing for an Onlay.

Onlays are strong and durable and can be made out of Composite, Porcelain or Gold materials. In our office, we have the ability to make Porcelain Onlays in one appointment, since we have a dental restoration milling unit here. In the past, it took at least two appointments to finish the procedure. Patients love the fact that they can get it all done in a single appointment.

If a Gold Onlay is recommended, the dental restoration will still need to be created in a lab and can take at least two appointments. We will make our recommendation based on your individual situation. If you have any questions, please contact us at 281-492-6064.