Diabetes and Periodontitis are not a good combination. Both have devastating effects on the body and both of them are known to increase the effects of, and can even cause, the other.

Periodontal Disease is known to increase the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood, which is very harmful to diabetics and makes it more difficult to regulate blood sugar levels. When Diabetes sufferers are not careful to control their glucose levels, it can also have a dramatic effect on Periodontitis. Too much sugar in the gum tissues can cause or increase the issues of Periodontal Disease.

Another health concern that Diabetics have is that their blood vessels get thicker, which constricts the flow of blood in the body. This has a major impact on the body and causes Periodontitis to spread more rapidly due to the loss of nutrients and lack of waste removal that healthy blood flow will provide.

People who suffer from Diabetics or have a family history of Diabetes should take care to follow a solid dental hygiene routine. Make sure you visit the dentist regularly. Periodontal Disease is devastating for those who have diabetes. Please visit us and contact us with any questions at 281-492-6064.