Restorative Dentistry is the ability of a dentist to restore the function of a tooth when it has been compromised or lost. In the event of tooth decay; pain, swelling and even tooth loss may occur if left untreated.

In some cases, we can improve the quality of life for some patients because performing normal functions, such as chewing food, is difficult and painful. If we can help improve the quality of life for a patient, we feel that is a great privilege for us to participate in.

If you are in pain and have damaged or decayed teeth, have missing teeth, have a difficult time chewing due to an improper bite, have inconvenient spaces in your teeth, or any other issues, you may be a candidate for Restorative Dentistry. In the process, patients find that not only is the function restored, but the quality of work we render can help improve the appearance of their smile and improve self esteem. Please contact us with any questions at 281-492-6064.

Dental Restorations