Not only do Orthodontists provide braces for patients who need their teeth straightened, they also look for abnormalities in the function of the jaw and alignment of teeth (Malocclusions). When teeth don't fit together properly, it can cause problems in everyday activities such as eating and speaking, but also in appearance.

Living with irregularities in the function of your mouth can cause future issues with infection and decay, pain in the jaw and Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), as well as a change in facial shape and appearance. These irregular conditions are mostly genetic; however, some people sucked their thumb or a finger while in their early years and teeth were developing. These can contribute to the need for braces.

Patients are becoming more aware of the benefits of wearing Orthodontia and are opting for Orthodontic treatment. Not only does wearing braces improve function, but also the appearance of your smile and confidence.

We offer Invisalign for adults and teens who need moderate teeth straightening. For children and patients who need a more progressive approach to straightening, we will make a referral to an Orthodontist. Please contact us with any questions at 281-492-6064.